Styling Your Beard in Bastrop

Beards are back! Hairy guys rejoice, it's your day to step up to the plate. Whether you want to enter the town's Mr. T doppelganger contest or just get a new look, there are a few beard styling tips you oughta know. Check out how to style your beard and take your beard from zero to hero.

How to Take Care of Your Beard

  • Match it to Your Face - You can get the most out of your beard by getting something which suits the shape of your face. Round faces can add some length by growing a longer beard while the square-jawed men would look good with short sides and a full goatee. Got a pointier face? Go as long as you dare!
  • Wash it Often - Just like the hair on top of your head, you need to wash your beard. A freshly cleaned beard not only looks great but also helps hair growth because you're getting rid of dead skin. If your beard tends to be itchy, cleaning can help with the itch.
  • Maintenance - Beards might be back in style, but looking like a hobo isn’t. Make sure it stays in control with regular neck trims and a comb.
  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize - Another cause of itchy faces is under moisturized skin. Keep it hydrated with beard balms or oils. The right product can hook you up with style, de-frizzing and moisture all at once. The same works for mustache wax if your mustache needs some love.
  • Stay a Healthy Routine - To make sure your beard keeps growing strong you’ve gotta put in the work on your lifestyle. Eat the right stuff, get enough sleep and hit the gym. Bada beard bada boom.

Leave it to Sport Clips

Not sure about your trimming prowess? No sweat, ‘cause our Stylists can give your neckbeard a trim between haircuts. Sport Clip’s legendary hot steamed towel wrap will open up your neck’s pores to give your beard the length you want. Best of all, you can walk right in without scheduling an appointment, walk out with a complete MVP Experience or just a trim, whatever you like. It’s your beard, after all.